Who's making all this content?

So far, it’s been a mix of content created by folks on the team at Looking Glass Factory and our community of Looking Glass creators. You can make your own content using our dev tools here and submit them to the MadeWith site once you’re ready to share it with the world! See more information on our documentation site here.

Do I have to have a Looking Glass to launch the content?

To see it in 3D, yes! Using the MadeWith Looking Glass site without a Looking Glass is like swimming without goggles. You’ll still be able to do it but we guarantee the experience won’t be as magical.

Does Looking Glass Factory take ownership of the content I upload?

Nope. You will always fully own your content. If at any time you want your content removed, email support@lookingglassfactory.com and we will ensure the removal of your work within 24 hours. You can read more about our terms of use here. In short, Looking Glass Factory just asks for the minimum amount of rights necessary to run the site, distribute your work and permission to host what you submit.

How do I share my work with other people?

Once your work is on the MadeWith catalog, just share the link to your app / quilt and those with Looking Glasses will easily be able to access your content.

The apps are not launching as they should on the Library.

Hmmm, that’s weird. Let’s walk you through a few troubleshooting steps:

If it’s still not working, please write us at support@lookingglassfactory.com and we’ll make sure to get up and running soon.

I keep getting prompted to install a driver.

In order to run the HoloPlay.js apps + quilts, you’ll have to install the Looking Glass Web Drivers.

What is 3D Preview and how do I take 3D screenshots of my app?

3D preview is a quilt image to be shown in the Looking Glass when you hover on the app before you actually launch the content. It must be a 4 x 8 quilt image, ideally 2048 x 2048px. Easiest way to take a screenshot is using the screenshot function in the HoloPlay SDK by pressing F10 in Unity editor or builds to save 3D screenshot to the root directory. Alternatively, you can use the Lightfield Photo App by Looking Glass to generate a quilt from photosets.

What is a quilt?

The quilt is the format Looking Glass uses to store light fields in sets of views as common 2D images. Views start in the lower left corner, with view 0 being the leftmost view. The views are then added to the right and then up, in a grid, like so:

example quilt

See more information on our documentation site here.

I have some feedback about the MadeWith site.

Feedback? We love feedback. If you notice any bugs or have feedback about your experience with the MadeWith site, please leave them here.